Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 13

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 13

Tutorial on How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Mini/iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max

Getting a new phone is an exciting time. Maybe you have been saving up for it, or perhaps it was given to you as a gift. No matter the reason, many people look forward to the moment that they get a new phone to use. Most people would begin customizing it the moment they receive it and explore all the capabilities and applications on the phone. All of this is extremely fun and a great time. However, you often hit a point where you need some of the old stuff stored in your last phone.

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Phone manufacturers have luckily made it easy to transfer your data between phones. All you have to do is input the account details that you previously used into your new phone. The data that you had backed up there will then be downloaded to your new phone. The problem gets more difficult if you are transferring from a different phone manufacturer, however. It is also the same for third-party applications such as WhatsApp that are not connected to your phone’s account. Android users looking at the new iPhone 13 may be put off from getting it because they do not know how to transfer their important data and WhatsApp to their new Apple device. Luckily, Backuptrans makes it easy to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 13; you need to learn how to do it. Keep reading to learn more about to achieve this quickly.

Two Methods to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone 13

transfer whasapp from android to iphone 13


There are two methods to transfer WhatsApp between devices. This guide will focus on how to transfer the app and its data from an android device to an iPhone. The guide is also updated to accommodate the new iPhone 13/mini/pro/pro max.

The two methods both utilize the third-party software called Backuptrans Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer. This software makes it easy and accessible to transfer data and apps between phones of different kinds. The first method is the direct method, while the second one is done via Backup & Restore. For these methods, you will need a separate computer and cables to attack your phones to them.

Method 1: Direct transfer WhatsApp from android to iphone 13

Step 1: Preparations

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have the latest versions of iTunes and Backuptrans installed on your computer. You will then need to connect both your Android and your iPhone to the computer with the USB cables.

Step 2: Backup

The next thing you would need to do would be to backup your WhatsApp chat messages onto your computer. This step may take a lot of time, depending on how many chat messages you have. If you have performed this step correctly, you will be able to view the chat messages on your computer screen.

Step 3: Transfer

Click the name of the Android device that you want to transfer your WhatsApp data from. There should be a toolbar at the top of the software with a button to move the messages to your iPhone. Alternatively, you could only transfer chats from just one contact as well. Press the name of the contact and press the same button at the top of the toolbar. After pressing the button, select the iPhone device you want these messages to be transferred to, and you should be good to go.

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp from android to iPhone 13 via Backup & Restore

This method is for those with only one USB port on their computers and thus can not connect both phones simultaneously. The technique already assumes that you have made the previous preparations but could not continue because of this.

Step 1: Backup

Back up the WhatsApp history from your Android device onto your computer. This step is the same as the previous backup portion in the first method except now with only the Android device. The difference here is that you are downloading these messages onto the local database of your computer. Disconnect your Android device when you are done with this step. Again, this may take time, so be patient and do not get scared.

Step 2: Transfer

Now, it is your iPhone’s turn to be connected. Connect your iPhone device to your computer and transfer the messages you want onto it. Right-click onto the local database to begin the transferring of the messages. Select the iPhone that is connected, and your message should start moving there. After this, you should get a message saying that it was successful.

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